Where are the nearest shops?

In Luzy (15 minutes) you can find two large supermarkets, but if you really want to go shopping, you have to go to Autun (30 minutes).

Where can we find the nearest restaurants?

In Larochemillay (6 km) you can find restaurant La Tour, a traditional French restaurant that also welcomes dogs. Or else in Chiddes (5 km), there is a restaurant opposite the church. Dogs are also welcome there, as in most restaurants, because the French also have dogs themselves.

Where is the nearest water for dogs to swim in?

Dogs can cool off in the river Arrouxx. This is a very wide undeep river near the town Etang sur Arrouxx (30 minutes). Or they can jump into La Roche, a small river nearby, after which Larochemillay was named.

Can I bring along my dog (bitch) when it is in heat?

We regret to admit this, but the best thing is to take precautionary measures. A bitch in heat can determine the atmosphere and dynamics between dogs, which may cause barking and other unwanted behaviour from other dogs. Therefore the answer is no.

Mini campsite

... but our pitches are large, in between 200 and 300 m2.

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Hans and Edith

We are Hans Wetering, Edith Veltkamp and our dog Jack.
With our campsite for campervans in the Morvan, a long cherished dream comes true.

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