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You can enjoy culture, walking trails, bike trails (also for mountain bikes) and there are plenty of possibilities to go fishing.

We also recommend a visit to the Morvan lakes. It is an ideal place for sailing, windsurfing or renting a paddleboat.

Bribacte museum:
An important Celtic tribe already inhabited the Morvan region in the second century A.D. They settled on the Mont Beuvray in the “oppida” (fortified town) Bibracte. Julius Caesar beat the Celts in 52 B.C. and incorporated the area into the Roman Empire. The emperor August founded the city Autun around the era. In the Middle Ages towns located on the edges of the nature reserve, such as Vézelay, Autun, Avallon and Saulieu, flourished as places of pilgrimage. This is now still visible in their majestic churches.

Mini campsite

... but our pitches are large, in between 200 and 300 m2.

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Hans and Edith

We are Hans Wetering, Edith Veltkamp and our dog Jack.
With our campsite for campervans in the Morvan, a long cherished dream comes true.

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